Jim Irsay essentially confirms he’s taking Andrew Luck, which we already knew anyway

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The love affair between Jim Irsay and Andrew Luck never really ended, it merely took a detour to soak in the talents of Robert Griffin III. With nearly three months between the Super Bowl and the NFL draft, it was only natural that there'd be a news cycle about how the Colts would turn their attention away from their prime target to play a public game of footsie with the draft's second-best prospect. And, sure enough, just when attention had completely shifted to RG3, Irsay cryptically said late last month that his team had yet to decide on the No. 1 pick.

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After meeting with Luck on Tuesday, order seems restored. The Indianapolis Colts owner tweeted about the Stanford quarterback on Saturday and did so again Tuesday. In both, he made it as clear as he can that his decision is made, without milking all the drama out of the proceedings.

Since that's cleared up, let's get to a matter that's equally pressing: Irsay's tweets.

If there's one thing he loves more than attention, it's Twitter abbreviating. Irsay stretches out this Luck tweet to the full 140 characters, giving off the impression that he's packed a lifetime of thought into the tiny constraints on the social media service. But he's not exactly judicious with his usage of words.

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The key to Twitter is selectivity and parsing of phrasing, not adding words superfluously and abbreviating them. He could have gotten across the same message above in only 145 characters and without looking like his account is ghostwritten by a 13-year-old girl with a new thesaurus: "Met with Andrew Luck in Indy for 3 hrs. Easy to see why he and No. 1 pick have been synonymous with each other for two years."

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