Jets have a doozy of a training camp fight near fans and media

Another day, another training camp fight. This one, coming out of New York Jets camp, might actually border on being newsworthy, though.

No, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez did not start swinging at each others' faces. That would probably break the Internet and force ESPN to launch a new ESPNTebow channel. It was Joe McKnight and D'Anton Lynn who got into it. The participants weren't what made it newsworthy, though — it was the size and location of the brawl.

Here's more from Donald Lappe at Jets 101.

The brawl at New York Jets practice today started when D'Anton Lynn (son of RBs coach Anthony Lynn) shoved Joe McKnight out of bounds after a screen pass. McKnight fired the ball at Lynn and the two started fighting. The offensive and defensive players ran over, trampling over the advertisement boards on the sidelines and creating a massive pile with around 20 Jets involved. It was right near the fans who attended practice and Rex Ryan actually ran over and started pulling players out of the pile.

Cool. This would've been a pretty good day to attend Jets training camp.

And ultimately, that's all this is — like every other training camp, it's something that happens and is maybe exciting for three seconds, and then it just doesn't matter anymore. It sounds like this one maybe turned up the excitement a few notches, and lasted a little longer, but in the end, it's still just a training camp dust-up.

I'm still waiting for that Tebow/Sanchez fight.

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