Jets receiver Santonio Holmes engages in war of words with disgruntled ‘fans’ on Twitter

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

One day athletes will learn that fighting with trolls on Twitter is just futile. Trolls will always post ridiculous insults, and the easiest thing to do is not respond. In fact, blocking trolls on Twitter is usually the best response.

New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes needs to understand those facts.

After the Miami Dolphins defeated New York, 23-3, Holmes, who did not have a reception, decided to check his Twitter account. As you can imagine, it was full of people knocking him and the Jets. Instead of letting it go, Holmes decided to engage members of the angry mob.

While nobody enjoys being criticized, Holmes wasted his time by engaging in a Twitter war.

Holmes acknowledged the people who attacked him on Twitter, which is exactly what the critics wanted. There is no need to give them that kind of satisfaction, and anyone dumb enough to rip you on Twitter is likely not smart enough to change their opinion after your explanation. If Holmes simply blocked the people who were out of line, he would not have stooped to their level.

Instead, Holmes joins the ranks of Ray Rice and Chris Johnson, both who let people on Twitter get to them this season.

Holmes, sometimes blocking a person is much better than engaging them.

Lesson learned.

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