Jets owner on Revis playing in 2010: 'I would say no'

The agent for Darrelle Revis(notes) presented the Jets with a new contract offer Tuesday. That's good news, right? At least they're talking and getting things hammered out?

Not so much, as it turns out. Not only did the Jets reject the deal, but the whole process left New York Jets owner Woody Johnson feeling like a very sad bear. From ESPN New York:

"The answer is no," the Jets' owner said tersely, adding, "My impression is no progress ... no movement whatsoever."

Expanding on that sentiment, Johnson told ESPN's Jeremy Schaap Monday that he doesn't expect Revis to play for the Jets this season.

"My gut feeling is, I would say no," Johnson said.

As a fan of an AFC team that is not the New York Jets but also has Super Bowl aspirations, I'd just like to say: Hey, thanks, Jets.

Not that they couldn't be a good team without Revis. And despite what Mr. Johnson said, we're still a long, long way from the All-Pro cornerback actually sitting out the season.

But the guy is a legitimate difference-maker; as in, his absence would directly lead to the subtraction of a substantial amount of wins. A player of his caliber is the difference between being merely good, and being Super Bowl good.

Revis is currently scheduled to make $1 million for this season, and that would be an appropriate figure, if he was the nickelback for the St. Louis Rams, his left leg was 11 inches shorter than his right, he had a hook for a hand after a loose seal attack, and he played wearing an eyepatch.

As it stands, though, he is the best defensive player in the NFL, so a salary of $1 million might be a little low. But that's only if you want to play in the Super Bowl. If you don't, then sure, by all means, keep refusing to pay him.

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