Jets offense moving backwards as Sanchez kicks ball out of end zone for a safety (VIDEO)

Mark Sanchez did the right thing, but that didn't make it any less funny.

The Jets offense, a punchline for most of the first half of the season, added to its blooper reel in the second quarter against the Patriots.

The Jets were deep in their own territory when Sanchez handed off to Shonn Greene. The ball popped out and bounced back into the end zone. Sanchez had little choice but to boot the ball through the end zone for the safety. That was better than risking the Patriots falling on the fumble for a touchdown. But it did sum up the Jets' general offensive futility this year.

The Jets actually started well. Greene's touchdown in the first quarter gave them the early 7-0 lead. That lead lasted 12 seconds, as Devin McCourty returned the ensuing kickoff 104 yards to tie the game right back up.

New England had a 14-7 lead by the time Sanchez played kickball in the end zone for the safety. That play gave the Patriots a 16-7 lead and gave highlight shows some fodder for their game recap.

The Jets rebounded in the second half and led with less than two minutes remaining, before Tom Brady rallied the Patriots to tie the game, then win it in overtime. The two points the Jets gave up on that safety turned out to be pretty big in the end.

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