Jets fans bury heads as Patriots one-up them again with Revis signing

Please tell me someone GIF'ed Rex Ryan's reaction when he heard the Darrelle Revis news.

It's like the New York Jets can't buy a break. The New England Patriots, their tormentors since the day Bill Belichick resigned on a napkin and took his talents to Foxborough, got them again.

It's not even the Ides of March, and the Patriots have stuck another knife in the sides of their rivals by signing their former best player.

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The day Revis threatened a holdout for the second time with the Jets, Belichick had to think to himself: Maybe someday we can get this guy.

And what a get it was. And what a reaction from Jets fans.

They are not a happy lot right now, as you can imagine.

Moments after the news broke that Revis signed with the Patriots, which was about four hours after the Buccaneers released him, the Jets parried with their own high-priced free-agent bonanza signing!

Breno Giacomini, ladies and gentlemen.

Needless to say, Jets fans were, um, a bit nonplussed. And Patriots fans were having a blast at their expense.

Look, the Jets weren't left with a jockstrap in their hands. They got rid of a contract concern and landed a first-round pick last season that netted them Sheldon Richardson. Not bad. Yes, the team was down in the dumps at times last season, but Ryan and general manager John Idzik — even without having the best working relationship — did their best to make things work with what they had.

And they are not done this offseason. Eric Decker might come on board. Maybe they'll try their hand at another Cromartie (Dominique Rodgers-) to fill the void at corner. They have a full draft till, plus the additional fourth-rounder left over from the Revis trade.

Did Izik even call Revis' people during that small window? Was there a chance of a deal? Or, as some have speculated, did Revis use the Jets — by letting out word that he would "love" to play for Rex again — to gain leverage and put the pressure on the Patriots to step up their game?

We might never know. But it's hard not to think that the big brother Patriots just kicked a big wad of sand in the eyes of the little brother Jets. Even if it is only mid-March and it is only one player.

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