Jets congratulate Giants with full-page ad

Shutdown Corner

Readers of the N.Y. Daily News cracked open their Wednesday morning editions and saw this image:

A classy statement of congratulations from one proud organization to another? Or a desperate attempt by one organization to latch on to another's success, in an effort to remind people that they still exist?

I'm giving the Jets the benefit of the doubt. They crashed and burned so badly in the 2011 season that there's no reason to kick them while they're down. I applaud them for their humility and willingness to extend a friendly gesture to their rival neighbors.

On the Giants end of things, Justin Tuck was not so gracious. At a victory celebration at MetLife stadium, Tuck, out of nowhere, took a small shot at the Jets. Again from the Daily News:

"Last time we did this it was in Giants Stadium," Tuck said, as he stood on a stage at midfield, behind the Super Bowl trophy. "Now we're in MetLife Stadium.

"But one thing you can be sure of is whose house this is."

I'm pretty sure they're still sharing it with the Jets, which makes it a meaningless declaration. But it is kind of fun to yell "THIS IS OUR HOUSE!", so I get it. It would mean more if there was some kind of stipulation between the Giants and Jets that whoever has the best season gets full ownership of MetLife Stadium for the next year. Loser has to play their home games at Rutgers.

Neither team is man enough to agree to that, though. The Giants still have to share the stadium. The title of "Best team in New York," though? They share that with no one.

Gracias, Darren Rovell and Larry Brown Sports.

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