Jerry Rice will not be climbing aboard the Brett Favre bandwagon

If there's anyone who knows about hanging around the NFL way past his prime, it's Jerry Rice(notes). The greatest receiver of all-time slowed down a bit in San Francisco, gave some serviceable years to Oakland, and finally hung up the cleats after an unproductive final year split between Oakland and Seattle.

Rice has been a bit of a spotlight hound, too. When his career did finally end, he competed on "Dancing with the Stars," and on "Pros vs. Joes." So he's got all the Favre bases covered.

What does he think about Brett Favre perhaps captaining the Vikings' ship in 2009? He's not optimistic. Here are some snippets of what he said to's Chip Scoggins.

On expectations:

In New York, you hear about what happened, and it was not very good. I think Brett showed some great flashes last year. Did some good things. But then towards the end he didn't play as well. If they feel like bringing him in is going to get them to the next level, I think they should. But to be honest with you, I think the two guys with the team right now should be the two guys that they should be focusing on.

On what happens if Favre does struggle:

Then everything backfires. You've got a major problem. Also you have to look at the scenario that happened in New York. If he pretty much distances himself completely from the players, then all of a sudden you're going to divide the players because a lot of the players are going to say, "Hey, Tarvaris Jackson(notes) should be in here or Sage." You don't want this to divide the team. So this could really backfire.

So negative. He sounds like me.

Rice is absolutely right about the potential downside of another Favre comeback, though. With all the attention Favre brings, and some guys in the locker room being loyal to the existing Viking quarterbacks, a split locker room is a real possibility.

I'll acknowledge, though, even as annoying as I find the whole Favre situation, that there's upside, too. If an unhealthy arm was the cause of his collapse last year in New York, and surgery has that arm healthy now, then Favre represents a huge upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels(notes). I just think spontaneous arm health is unlikely for a beaten-up quarterback at the age of 40.

Favre says he'll have a decision made by July 30th.

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