Jerry Jones would like T.O. to reach out to him, believes Owens still ‘could help someone’

Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager/El Jefe Jerry Jones is certainly one of the more active of the men who count NFL teams among their personal possessions. Jones has never been afraid to speak out about personnel decisions; he would like it to be known that he's not just signing all the checks -- he's also buying a lot of the groceries.

That's why Cowboys fans might have been a bit alarmed by Jones' comments after the team's Tuesday minicamp, when the subject of Terrell Owens came up. T.O., of course, played for the Cowboys from 2006 through 2008, put up the most statistically productive three-year stretch of any receiver in team history, but was booted before the 2009 season. After shorter turns with the Buffalo Bills in 2009 and Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, Owens got himself kicked out of the Indoor Football League for alleged contract violations.

Most people would assume that T.O. is done, certainly when it comes to any shot in the NFL. Jones may think a bit differently in that regard, though he played his cards pretty close.

"First of all, he really can reach out to me at any time, because I consider him a friend," Jones said. "We would feel good if he reached out. I think that he really, without having first-hand knowledge of what kind of physical condition he is in, I know he has the right stuff and could help someone.

"I have actually looked at some of the things he did last year. He has the ability to be quite a threat as a receiver. I would advise him if that he still has got the heart -- and he does -- to continue to try to get on with an NFL team."

Most recently, Owens was seen working out with old buddy Chad Ochocinco in Miami. While Ocho recently signed on with the Miami Dolphins, T.O.'s dance card remains empty in an NFL sense. Is it time for a Jerry-Terrell reunion? Not so fast, hombre. While the 'Boys are looking for a third receiver to complement Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, Jones shut that topic down pretty quickly.

"If he just wanted to talk about [a return to the NFL], I'd talk about it," he said. "But again, we are not planning on doing anything at receiver. ... I have no plans to do anything different than what we're doing right now."

Jones also discussed the TNT re-do of the TV series "Dallas," in which he recently made an appearance. "I did enjoy having it shot out at the stadium, having it shot there in the suite," said Jones, who said that he did not know when the episode would air. "Of course, I've always been a big fan and was a big fan, when I first got to Dallas, of J.R. [Ewing], so all of that fit well. I think it's a good thing for Dallas."

One reporter asked if Jones saw any similarities between himself and that dastardly Ewing. To that inquiry, the answer was a bit less certain.

"I think that's a loaded question," Jones said with a laugh. "We both have a cowboy hat on, I know that."

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