Jerry Jones keeps hoping for playoff expansion to help his mediocre Cowboys

Jerry Jones joked on Monday about voting for playoff expansion because it might help his Dallas Cowboys get in the playoffs. Har har. A bit awkward, but whatever.

Then he repeated the same thing on Tuesday and it's harder to tell if he's joking. For all his faults, Jones is way too competitive to beg for the NFL to make it easier for his team to make the playoffs, rather than putting his efforts into winning more games ... right?

He reiterated his hope for expanded playoffs to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram after NFL owners tabled a vote on expanding the playoffs from 12 teams to 14 until the fall:

I mean, this guy's just begging to be made an example of.

Jones is a lightning rod to begin with, and making jokes like these aren't going to help him. Not with his fans, or anyone else's fans either. The problem with the NFL's playoff expansion plan, which is unfortunately inevitable at this point, is that it rewards mediocrity with the only real benefit being more money to the owners. And the Cowboys are the epitome of mediocrity after three straight 8-8 seasons. Cowboys fans are probably hoping for better draft picks, a better management of the salary cap and a legitimate NFL defense, not more playoff spots so they can sneak in the back door at 8-8. It would be hard to find anyone who thinks the Cowboys' streak of four straight years without a postseason berth is because the NFL didn't provide enough playoff spots. And, sadly, an extra NFC spot wouldn't have even gotten the Cowboys into the postseason the past three years.

When Jones told Kim Jones of NFL Network on Monday that his was an easy vote because expansion "might give us a better chance to be in the playoffs," it appeared to be a throwaway joke (and, honestly, not a bad one) but come on, Jerry. If you keep making jokes about something, there's probably more than a little truth behind them.

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