Jay Gruden on RG3 wanting touchdowns every play: 'It drives me crazy'

Jay Gruden isn't quite the yakker his brother, Jon, is when it comes to quarterbacks. But the Washington Redskins head coach can say some interesting things, too.

Gruden was asked by NFL.com's Albert Breer about Robert Griffin III, and the answer was — at least on paper — eye-opening:

“I like his progress, I like the fact that he works hard, he studies the game hard, he’s very accountable,” Gruden said. “The only negative on him, if there is one, is he wants every play to be a touchdown. And it drives me crazy.

"It’s a good thing, but sometimes, it’s not a good thing, you know what I mean?  Does that make sense?”

We think we do coach. This is what we'd call a backhanded compliment. What Gruden is saying — that his quarterback shoots for the moon — is not bad, per se, but it's not perfect either.

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Gruden cast some perspective on the matter.

“He’ll do some things, I know, on game day," he said of RG3. "He’ll jump around, make six guys miss, throw a bomb for a touchdown, and I’m sure I’ll high-five him. But if he does it again, and it’s a 12-yard sack-fumble, then what do you do?”

Gruden has a point: Not every play is going to be a touchdown. If you're lucky, and good, an offense will score a touchdown every 15 plays. That's outstanding. And to take it a step forward, that touchdown scored is only worth so much if you give it right back to the opponent, and it scores a few minutes later.

What Gruden and the Redskins are seeking is consistency, plus a little more, and it remains to be seen if Griffin can provide it. Some said Gruden held Andy Dalton back in Cincinnati, and there's no doubt that his inconsistency was maddening with the Bengals. Will Griffin be the same kind of player — brilliant one minute, hair-pullingly frustrating the next?

The Redskins obviously hope not, but he's their guy for the now and likely the future too. Despite ESPNBoston's Mike Reiss suggesting that Kirk Cousins outperformed RG3 during last week's Patriots-Redskins sessions, Reiss' colleague John Keim, the daily Redskins observer, threw a little cold water on that idea for the remainder of training camp.

So do we make anything of this, the Gruden quote or the Reiss report? For now, it provides an interesting backdrop: There's still work to be done for the Redskins and Griffin, who have put the nightmare of Mike and Kyle Shanahan and 2013 behind them but have yet to fully remove the aftereffects from the equation. 

Still, if it's our bet, it's Griffin or bust for 2014.

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