Jay Cutler stiff-arms tackler and ties teammate’s shoe on return from concussion

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

Jay Cutler missed the Chicago Bears' disastrous loss to the San Francisco 49ers. On his return, he threw a nasty stiff-arm, earned an unsportsmanlike penalty, and tied a lineman's shoe on the way to a 28-10 Bears victory.

Early in the game, Cutler was running for a first down when he was confronted by A.J. Jefferson. Instead of sliding -- which would be advisable even if he wasn't coming back from a concussion -- he used the stiff-arm.

After the play, he flipped the ball to A.J. Jefferson to pick up an unsportsmanlike penalty flag.

Later in the game, Cutler was called upon for another job. Lineman J'Marcus Webb, who got an earful from Cutler during the Bears' loss to the Green Bay Packers early in the season, needed his shoe tied. The quarterback took care of it.

Look at that technique! He even double-knotted it. Sure, he bumped Webb on the sideline, but he also helped him out in his time of need. Cutler became a dad early in the Bears' season, and said after the game that his fatherly side came out when helping out Webb.

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