ESPN analyst curses on ‘Monday Night Football,’ apologizes

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski momentarily forgot he was calling a football game to millions of viewers when he threw in a casual curse word during a breakdown of a replay on "Monday Night Football."

The verbal goof came late in the game after Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne overthrew Brandon Marshall in the end zone. (Note: Profanity in this clip is bleeped, making the video SFW.)

"That's one Chad [Henne] would love to have back," Jaworski said. "He knew he had the one-on-one matchup going down the right sideline. "S---, you have to get rid of this ball just a split-second quicker."

As you can see from the clip, he apologized a few minutes later.

What I love about this is that there was no stumbling, no backtracking in the dropping of the s-word; Jaws just said it casually, like it wasn't a big deal. He was probably imagining he was breaking down film in a hotel room, talking to whoever else was with him.

When Brian Billick stumbled over the words "have success" on Sunday's Eagles game and accidentally said something else, that was a verbal faux pas. He mangled his words, which is what usually happens when announcers make mistakes like this. Jaws didn't stumble over his words. He just said a word he isn't supposed to say. I'd venture a guess that he didn't even realize he did it until someone told him later. It had been so conversational.

Have you watched those uncensored HBO Sports specials? Athletes' use of profanity is only slightly behind their usage of nouns, articles and prepositions. It's a part of athlete culture. They let the expletives fly! So what's remarkable isn't that Jaws had a casual on-air slip-up, it's that it doesn't happen to guys like him more often.

We accept your apology, Jaws. You're forgiven, especially because sitting in a booth with Jon Gruden all night could make even the most straitlaced man drop a few curse words.

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