Javon Walker becomes the latest wildly overpaid Raider free agent

This is getting ridiculous.

Javon Walker, despite being nearly 30 years old and coming off an injury-plagued season in which he caught 26 passes for 287 yards, is bathing in cash this morning. Al Davis and the Raiders threw a massive contract at him, set to pay him $55 million over six years.

Walker's played in half of his team's games only once in the past three years. He's been injury prone, and he may have never emotionally recovered from the murder of his teammate and friend, Darrent Williams.

Don't get me wrong, I wish Walker the best, and if the money's out there, and someone's willing to give it to him, by all means, he should grab it and run (or limp, whatever he's capable of at the time).

But if you're someone who wishes the Raiders the best, you might want to be a little bit concerned. They're spending money like drunken sailors in Tijuana on shore leave, and they're not even getting top-shelf liquor or disease-free prostitutes in return.

They gave Tommy Kelly the biggest contract ever given to a defensive tackle, which is difficult to justify, given that he's been largely unproductive and is coming off a major ACL injury.

They made safety Gibril Wilson the third highest-paid safety in the NFL, and dare I say that Gibril Wilson is not the third-best safety in the NFL? If he hadn't just won a ring, he wouldn't have gotten that contract, but that's sort of Raider tradition (see also: Brown, Larry, and Howard, Desmond).

And now comes this massive contract for Javon Walker.

They're all insane contracts, and none of them would've been given out by rational teams. But from Al Davis's standpoint, it sort of makes sense. He badly wants to win a Super Bowl, he'll need players if that's going to happen, and he doesn't know how much time he has left (sorry, Al, no disrespect intended), so who gets whoever he can. And if that means he has to overpay, well, he's certainly shown that he's willing to do that. And then some.

Javon Walker: Signs With Oakland / Yahoo! Sports

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