Jared Allen, bling police: Vikings star rips rookies’ draft jewelry

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

For a guy who used to have a mullet, Jared Allen sure is uppity about casting aspersions on people for their life decisions.

While being interviewed by a Phoenix radio station, the Minnesota Vikings defensive end was asked about his reaction to players being chummy with Roger Goodell on draft night. Allen expressed disappointment that incoming rookies could hug the man who was threatening the season before moving on to an even bigger source of frustration:

"I think the bigger disappointment was to see the jewelry on these kids' arms and ears. Are you kidding me? You haven't played a down in the league yet and thousands and thousands of dollars on these kids' arms and I'm like, 'You guys understand you're getting drafted into a lockout where you don't know what rules you're playing under or how much money you possibly might get?'"

Yes, because this is the first time players have shown up at the draft wearing expensive jewelry without knowing how much money they were going to get. I understand Allen's point that buying $40,000 earrings isn't the soundest financial move without knowing the rookie salary structure, but is it really any smarter in a non-lockout year? These are 21-year-old kids on the verge of earning the first big paycheck of their lives (except for Cam Newton). Agents are handing out cash like it's Monopoly money. Can you blame a kid for indulging a little bit? What does Allen care anyway? You don't hear Von Miller ripping Allen for buying expensive tree stands, do you?

Being disappointed by players showing up with watches that cost more than most people's cars is like getting upset by Chris Berman tipping draft picks. They're both a part of life at the NFL draft.

Bling happens. Deal with it.

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