James Harrison doesn’t like the Steelers’ throwback jerseys

Chris Chase

The following news shouldn't come as a surprise, as James Harrison has both strong opinions and two eyes: The menacing Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker doesn't like the new "bumblebees in jail" throwbacks the team will be wearing for its 80th season.

"There's a reason these jerseys were from 1932," he tweeted. "it's 2012 now though, so send them back!!! lol"

The "lol" lets you know he's laughing.

I don't think the jerseys are all that bad but, then again, I don't have to wear one for two games this season. They're ugly, yes, but they're retro ugly, which is a totally different thing. You can pull off retro ugly if it's only for two games. It's not like Pittsburgh is wearing these things all season. That'd be a sartorial atrocity. These jerseys are like a seersucker suit. You can't wear it all the time. But if you rock it at a special occasion, like the Kentucky Derby or at a summer wedding in North Carolina, then it looks tremendous.

Then again, the list of things James Harrison doesn't like far outweighs the things he does like. On the former list: Attending the White House, flying, Roger Goodell, apologizing for using gay slurs to refer to Roger Goodell, studio analysts, reporters who show up early, ending phone calls in a civilized manner, snakes, dressing up for meals, gay marriage, the New England Patriots. On the latter: playing linebacker, hard work, guns, fake retirements. Can't say it's a shock that horizontal, multicolored stripes aren't included.

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