JaMarcus Russell looks thin now – no, really, it’s true

It appears JaMarcus Russell is taking this NFL comeback seriously.

As BustedCoverage.com pointed out, the picture above of Russell, posted by @TEST_Football on Twitter, makes the former Raiders quarterback and first overall pick look skinny. Well, maybe not skinny –he's still a really big dude, after all – but in good shape.

The tweet says Russell dropped 51 pounds, and seeing the photo (and knowing what he looked like before), we believe it.

What does this mean for Russell in his comeback attempt? Maybe nothing. It's not like being out of shape was the only thing keeping Russell from being a terrible NFL quarterback. But, it was one of the problems.

Russell's weight loss is a sign that he's at least willing to put in that kind of work. He has a long way to go before he's going to be taken seriously again, but at least this is a positive step.

Russell is one of the biggest NFL busts ever, but there is a reason he was drafted first overall once upon a time. He has some intriguing raw talent. In a league where a few teams could use a lot of help at quarterback, a humbled Russell reemerging wouldn't be the craziest thing we've ever seen.

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