Jaguars receiver trash-talks Darrelle Revis, who responds with ‘What’s his name again?’

Shutdown Corner


Since 2009, when he shut down every premier receiver he faced, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has been known as one of the two or three best at his position in the NFL. In 2010, he didn't have an interception after picking off six passes the year before, but as we know about cornerbacks, stats can be extremely misleading -- Revis' targets plummeted from 96 to 55, per Football Outsiders. Revis' last-second pick of Tony Romo in the Jets' 2011 season opener against the Dallas Cowboys was a brilliant example of how to bait a quarterback, and should serve as a reminder to everyone in the league that throwing to Revis under any circumstances … well, it's not really smart.

However, as the Jets prepare to welcome the Jacksonville Jaguars to MetLife Stadium for their Week 2 showdown, there's one receiver who isn't as impressed by Revis as he probably should be. Jason Hill (who?) believes that Revis' reputation is based to a degree on that old real estate maxim — location, location, location. Before the media could even give him the question about what it might be like to go up against Revis, Hill had a ready — and very strange — answer.

"Same one that everyone else gives us," Hill said of the question. "This is a league full of great players. I think sometimes they get overhyped. I talked to [Jaguars safety] Drew [Coleman], Drew played there. He says it's just the aura of New York. They got a big media. That's not the Jacksonville paper, that's the big New York Times paper so they get more pub[licity]. That's what it is.

Um … so you're saying that Revis is overhyped … not as good as we think he is … because he plays in New York?

"It's a game that we all play. He's been playing the game, Revis, just as long as I've been playing. This is a game full of good players making plays. He just made a lot more plays on TV than we've made being here in Jacksonville. He's a good player. We respect him. Hopefully he respects us because we're going to bring it just like they're going to bring it."

Note: C.J. Ah You, Chansi Stuckey, Yamon Figurs and Sabby Piscitelli have also played as long as Revis has … and they've each been about as effective as Hill.

"He's a good player, Pro Bowl player, I'm trying to make it to the Pro Bowl, too. This'll be a good game to put some notches on our belts too. It's the New York Times vs. the Jacksonville paper. New York Times, they got a lot more viewers than you got."

Yeouch. That last shot was to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union, who picked up the quote and ran with it on her blog.

So, let's talk about Jason Hill's credentials. Since the San Francisco 49ers took him in the third round of the 2007 draft, Hill has caught 55 career balls for 714 yards and five touchdowns. That's not in one season — that's the guy's entire career. Hill did catch four balls for 53 yards in Jacksonville's season-opening win against the Tennessee Titans, and that may be why he's feeling so bold right now — he's well on his way to exceeding 2010's total of (snicker) 11 catches in six games.

As you might expect, Revis wasn't quite sure who Hill even was when he was told of the comments.

"I don't even know who that dude is. What's his name again? I have no clue. I don't know who he is, whatever he said is what he said. Whatever his opinion is of us, we'll find out on Sunday. I don't care what he says, I don't know him. He don't know me, he don't know the Jets, so he'll find out on Sunday."

Of course, the best part of this whole story is that Hill isn't even sure to play against the Jets — he didn't participate in Jacksonville's Wednesday and Thursday practices because he's dealing with a hip injury, and he's listed as doubtful.

"Well he shouldn't have been talking in the first place, because he can't back it up now," Revis said.

Still, Hill's convinced that Revis and his pals, who have made the last two AFC Championship games while the Jags have failed to make the playoffs since 2007, are simply basking in a glow they don't deserve.

"That's the way it is. That's what it is. It's not just the Giants, Jets, same thing with the Knicks. I'm a Golden State Warriors fan, but the Knicks get more hype. Not that they're better. They just get more hype 'cause they're from New York."

OK, Mr. Hill. Let's just hope you're not spouting that opinion from the sideline on Sunday, because we'd really love to see you tear Darrelle Revis up on the field.

As Jets teammate Bart Scott would say, we're sure that Mr. Revis can't wait.

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