The Jaguars will play four games overseas – You’re welcome, London

Shutdown Corner

London will become the Jacksonville Jaguars' home away from home, according to Vito Stellino of

The NFL will announce Tuesday that the Jaguars will be playing multiple home games in London starting in 2013, according to the report. Officially, they'll be home games for the Jaguars (four of them, according to the AP), just 4,272 short miles away from Everbank Field in Jacksonville.

From the AP, here's a snippet about why the Jaguars would be desirous of London games.

[Owner Shad] Khan said last year he wanted to create an international fan base for the Jaguars .

''The NFL is going to be developing an international fan base. Why shouldn't it be the Jaguars?'' Khan said in December. ''In all honesty, internationally, they don't know the difference between the Jaguars and the Steelers.''

Enjoy, fellow world citizens! You get the Jaguars, pretty much because you don't know that they're not very good at football. Why waste a good team on you guys? And this ringing endorsement is from the guy who owns the Jags.

Expanding internationally is something upon which the NFL is hellbent, and if it's going to happen, Khan might as well get in there and try to get a foothold on some international popularity (and money). It's smart. Shad Khan is a self-made billionaire, so it's also possible that he knows what he's doing, business-wise.

I guess this makes the Jaguars England's Team, or at least London's Team. I'd apologize for not giving them a better squad, but the Cowboys are America's Team, and I don't recall being consulted on that decision. So you'll get the Jaguars and you'll like it, Londoners.

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