Jaguars mascot loses bet to Seahawks mascot, dances in thong. Yep.

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For whatever insane reason, the Jacksonville Jaguars' mascot, Jaxson de Ville (get it?) made a bet with Blitz the Seahawk on the outcome of last week's JAX-SEA game. As you probably recall, the Seahawks won in absolutely devastating fashion, but Jaxson, true to his word, paid up on the bet: dance in a thong on video. Eh, at least it beats crates of oranges versus crates of coffee, or whatever lame bet the city's mayors would make with each other.

Blitz was suitably impressed:

As SB Nation notes, Jaxson has a history of pushing the mascot envelope, whether it's showing skin (felt?) at the Pro Bowl, showing some receiver skills, or telling the refs how to do their job. He's having so much fun, we bet the NFL shuts him down by Week 6.

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