‘Jaguaring’ will probably not be sweeping the nation anytime soon

If you'd have asked me before today what it meant to "Jaguar," I wouldn't have had a clue. If there was one particular act that I'd have associated with Jaguar fans, it would be sitting at home and not buying Jaguars tickets. That's pretty hard to mime, though.

Today, though, a new way to "Jaguar" has sprouted. DowntownJacksonville.com dispatched a guy in a bow tie to help spread the fad. It appears to be a distant cousin of "Tebowing," but it's much simpler, has no apparent symbolism, and is not tied to any entity that's proven successful.

But that's enough commentary. He's Jaguaring. You can decide if you'd like to be an early adopter.

It looks like it might be a hit at Working Women's Wednesdays functions, but outside of that, I'm not sure. On YouTube, the video has 25 likes and 216 dislikes, which I don't think bodes well for the future of Jaguaring.

Gracias, With Leather.

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