The Jags are looking for players in the throes of wedded bliss

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If you're hoping to be signed or drafted by the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, your chances will be greatly increased if you have a great relationship with your wife. I don't know if this makes the Jags a better football team, but at least now there's some explanation as to why they would sign Chad Henne.

The Wall Street Journal detailed how the Jaguars' new owner, Shahid Khan, believes that a good marriage is also a good indicator of the type of player the team is getting.

Shahid Khan, the Jaguars' new owner, who made his fortune in auto-parts manufacturing, said he had the idea because he tries to meet all of the spouses of his employees. He said he has retreats in which his employees are encouraged to bring their spouses. Khan figured some of the things needed to be a solid player—like staying after practice or putting in extra work—require a stable home environment. The team's new coach, Mike Mularkey, spoke with Smith about the importance of a good family life during his interview process and just like that, a new NFL personnel theory was born.

"If you're happy at home with your wife at home, I think the energy level is higher," Mularkey said. "It's very important to me...There's a lot that goes with being married. I just believe the happier you are with your wife, the happier you are on the field. I really believe that."

So … Brandon Marshall's probably never going to be a Jaguar, then?

It may sound a little unorthodox, but it does make sense. No less an authority on winning than Jack Nicklaus agrees. Once asked how having a wife affects someone's golf game, Nicklaus said that if the relationship is good, it'll help the man's golf game. If it's not good, it will hurt. I offer you Exhibit A.

I still think it's unlikely that the Jaguars will be very good in 2012. Long-term, though, who knows? A locker room full of stable, happy guys doesn't sound like the worst idea in the world. And until then, at least the Jaguars will have the best date nights in professional football.

Gracias, The Huddle.

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