Jadeveon Clowney's goal as a rookie: Take down Colts' Andrew Luck

The NFL has a video series it is running with rookies from around the league called "Rookie Confessional" where they sit down with some of the first-year players and peel back the onion a bit.

First up: the Houston Texans' Jadeveon Clowney, who was the first pick in the draft and a huge part of the Texans' rebuild.

Naturally, they asked him the softball question on everyone's mind ... what his goals are for his first season in the NFL.

"My goal for my rookie season is, really, to just try to develop myself, learn about the game, help my team win and — like I said — just be the best Jadeveon Clowney I can on and off the field," Clowney said.

Standard cliché stuff, right?

But in the "Can't wait to play against ..." segment, Clowney — rather matter-of-factly, in fact — says it's the Indianapolis Colts' Andrew Luck he's most looking forward to, um, meeting.

"My goal in the NFL is to sack Andrew Luck," he said. "He's in my division. I think he's a dangerous quarterback. Very smart with the ball, makes good decisions, so I do want to get after him and sack him one time."

Just once? And I thought your goal was to really develop yourse— ahh, never mind ...

Really, the Luck answer is interesting, and it ties Clowney in another way to Mario Williams, the Texans' No. 1 overall pick in 2006 to whom Clowney will be compared, fairly or not. The Texans took Williams over Reggie Bush, mainly because they were playing in a division dominated by the Colts' Peyton Manning at the time. 

Now, Luck is sinking his teeth into the league — and especially the division. The Texans have had a way of slowing down Luck down in his first two seasons, with three of his seven lowest passing totals over his first two seasons coming against Houston, as well as an 18-for-40 passing performance in the fourth game against him.

But it's smart for the Texans to recognize where the division lies right now. It's in Andrew Luck's hands currently, and there's little doubt that the Colts are the favorites to win the AFC South again this season. So sending the dogs — notably Clowney and J.J. Watt — after the 24-year-old Luck and building a team designed to slow him down for the next several seasons is a smart approach.

Clowney likely was fed that Luck line subconsciously along the way, as if Bill O'Brien or Romeo Crennel (or both) said something akin to: "You know, we drafted you to go get Luck." What's cool about the video is — and not to get too deep about a one-minute segment, but ... — Clowney shows personality in it a little, especially when he talks about how cheap living in Houston is (Compared to South Carolina? Hmm.)

But he's also showing his stripes here too. There's obviously a greater value than that for Clowney, but it's interesting how he seems to be buying into an assumed team-fueled role. That's probably a very good thing for him.

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