Jadeveon Clowney has no idea who Roger Goodell or Bill Belichick are

Jadeveon Clowney has no idea who Roger Goodell or Bill Belichick are

Bleacher Report sat down with Houston Texans No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney and played a funny game of word association that told us quite a bit about the quiet rookie.

The game's rules were simple: Clowney and B/R host Adam Lefkoe would hold up index cards on their foreheads with the names of supposedly famous people — athletes and pop-culture figures mostly — while the other one uses clues to try to get them to say the people's names.

"You sure I am going to know these guys?" Clowney asks before starting the game. Turns out it was a completely legitimate concern of his.

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Clowney gets a few layups to start out, including Steve Spurrier, South Carolina's coach who called out Clowney's effort on a regular basis for the past few seasons, and Drake, who has about seven billion Twitter followers and is, as Lefkoe says in his clue, "the fan of every team in the world."

Naturally, Clowney nailed both. The rest? Not so easy.

Clowney is given his next clue: "He's going to fine you when you hit Andrew Luck too hard."

Duh, Roger Goodell, right? Clowney can't come up with a name.

"Is it the guy over ... over the league?"

Yes, he's the guy over the league. And the guy you bro-hugged a few moments after the Texans drafted you. No biggie. Consider it a mulligan.

But it gets better. Clowney then needs to guess Bill Belichick. I mean, pretty much everyone ('cept for Rex Ryan) kisses the man's Super Bowl rings, and heck, Clowney's new head coach, Bill O'Brien, spent his only years in the NFL on Belichick's staff.

Yep. Clowney is totally stumped.

"I do not know this guy," Clowney says, and it's either an amazing burn on the much-reviled coach or just an amazing thing that I plan to remember forever and write about every single time he makes one of my blog posts.

"He's the coach of the New England Patriots?" Lefkoe says/asks in total disbelief.

"I am tripping," Clowney says, colloquially.

It's brilliant stuff. Clowney has no idea who Jack Nicklaus is, and yet somehow Clowney wins the game. That might be the most shocking development of this contest.

Of course, one of the people Clowney was asked to guess ... was Clowney. So that's cheating. But then again, that would be one of the few you could be (mostly) sure to get right.

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