Jacoby Jones wants a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ spot, expresses his desire in hilarious way

Kevin Kaduk
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Is Jacoby Jones poised to become the breakout star of Super Bowl XLVII? After catching a long touchdown from Joe Flacco and then breaking away from the San Francisco 49ers for a 108-yard kickoff return at the start of Sunday's second half, it certainly looks that way.

In the days since the Super Bowl triumph, Jones has landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated and then on Jimmy Kimmel's set on Thursday night. But while those sorts of honors normally come with his level of Super Bowl accomplishments, it's his sense of humor and personality that could land him on the only show currently capable of making someone a household name.

We're talking, of course, about "Dancing With The Stars," the ABC powerhouse that put Emmitt Smith, Hines Ward and Jerry Rice (among many others) on a first-name basis with the hausfraus and mee-maws of America. Jones was asked if he'd like to join the upcoming season 16 of the hit show by Kimmel and he hilariously said 'yes' in no uncertain terms.

Here's a partial transcript of the clip you can view above:

Kimmel: Would you consider being on Dancing With The Stars? As a representative of the ABC television network, I would like to offer you the chance to compete on Dancing With The Stars. What do you think about that?

Jones: Let me ask you this: Do polar bears poo on ice?

Kimmel: I'm relatively sure that they do, although I've not witnessed it ...

Jones: I hope they don't do it in water, that would be nasty!

Kimmel: So you would do that (go on DWTS)?"

Jones: Oh yes sir ... I'll get it done. I'll get it done, baby.

It's unclear whether Jimmy Kimmel has the authority to dole out spots on Dancing With The Stars, but they can certainly do a lot worse than Jacoby Jones given the quality of some of their "stars" in recent seasons. We say that Jones deserves a place on the show.

Jones' entire interview with Kimmel is worth your time. Watch as the New Orleans native delivers some good quips on whether he should have been named Super Bowl MVP, why he was thankful for the Superdome blackout and what might have happened if his mother's home cooking had poisoned the entire team before the big game:

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