Jacoby Jones’ new Ravens Super Bowl back tattoo is … permanent

Shutdown Corner

Look, far be it for any of us to cast aspersions on Jacoby Jones. The man scored two of the most amazing touchdowns in Super Bowl history within just a few minutes of each other: the 56-yard double-juke of two 49ers defenders and the 108-yard runback to start the second half. So the man, who has a solid claim to the MVP over Joe Flacco, can do whatever the heck he wants to celebrate his victory.

Well, he did, and he did this:

Yeah, that's ... well, that's a Raven, I guess, and the Lombardi Trophy, and what appears to be the Superdome through heavy fog or something. It's accurate, yes, but, well, not exactly in the same league as Colin Kaepernick's body art.

Still, it's Jacoby's back, and he can do what he wants, right? At least the tattoo has the correct number on the Super Bowl. There's that.

[Via Black Sports Online]

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