Jacksonville Jaguars’ new uniforms are extreme! Awesome! And other catchy buzzwords!

So the Jacksonville Jaguars have unveiled their new uniforms, and, well ... they're something new, that's for sure. They're like the unholy offspring of a Hot Topic and a Fall Out Boy CD from 2006. Hey, why bother sorting between different potential uniform ideas when you can use ALL OF THEM AT ONCE? Seriously, we've got black, white, teal (never too much teal) and those gold-shimmery helmets all going on at the same time. You know the only thing that would make this better? If the team actually wore that random assortment of jerseys above at the same time.

Anyway, the Jaguars play several staid-uniform teams this season, including the Colts and 49ers. But we've already circled December 1, when they head to Cleveland in the dead of winter to play the Browns. Oh, that game is going to look like the floor of a child's birthday party.

All right, enough of our amateur fashion critique. Here's the Jags' own Justin Blackmon giving his take on the new unis, and it certainly doesn't sound like they're holding his family hostage just off-camera:

Bravo to you for pushing the boundaries, Jacksonville, even if you're pushing them in an unusual direction. Now, friends, your turn. What say you about the new uniforms?

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