Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan reportedly wants to buy Fulham F.C. in London

On the surface the Daily Mail story that Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan wants to buy the Premier League soccer club Fulham is not a huge deal.

Khan has more money than he could ever spend and NFL owners have dabbled in soccer, most notably the Glazer family with Manchester United. The Glazers own the NFL's Buccaneers. So no big deal.

But if you want to connect dots, Fulham being based in London surely raises some eyebrows.

The Jaguars are already testing out London, it seems, volunteering to be the team to play in England each of the next four seasons. Khan buying a well established and popular Premier League soccer club in London certainly doesn't seem to be a completely random decision by a smart businessman. Having a presence in the London soccer scene wouldn't be a bad thing for Khan if he plans to heavily promote the Jaguars there.

The NFL seems set on becoming more international (and why, I'm not sure, the league already prints money here and it doesn't make the league any better to put a franchise 4,000 miles away). The Jaguars appear to be as good of a candidate as any to be that international team.

Khan's interest in buying a London soccer team probably won't quell those concerns in Jacksonville.

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