Jacksonville Jaguars, apparently content with Blaine Gabbert, keep passing on quarterbacks

Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars have a fantastic long-term plan at quarterback. But this is the franchise that drafted a punter last year when Russell Wilson was available. That's one of the most indefensible picks in many years considering Blaine Gabbert has made it clear he's not a good NFL quarterback. So maybe there is no plan.

Perhaps the Jaguars see something in Gabbert that he hasn't shown over his first two seasons. Maybe when they were passing on quarterbacks, they were confident a quarterback they really like would be available when they kick off the fourth round.

Something has to be up, because the Jaguars didn't consider their quarterback situation bad enough to take USC's Matt Barkley, or Arkansas' Tyler Wilson, or Syracuse's Ryan Nassib, or any of the other interesting options on the board during the second and third round. They took two defensive backs on Friday. Hey, at least it's better than a punter.

If the Jaguars of all teams refuse to draft a quarterback in this draft, it's safe to wonder if this quarterback class really is as bad as people said it was.

The Jaguars had a chance to draft West Virginia's Geno Smith to start the second round. They took safety John Cyprien. Then came the third round. Smith and Florida State's E.J. Manuel, who was taken in the first round, were the only quarterbacks off the board. It made sense for the Jaguars to select a quarterback there considering, again, that their starter is Gabbert. They took Connecticut cornerback Dwayne Gratz. Hopefully Cyprien and Gratz are in good shape, because they and the rest of Jacksonville's defense will be on the field a lot in 2013.

Tampa Bay took a quarterback in the third round, and it actually has a competent starter in Josh Freeman. The Buccaneers selected N.C. State's Mike Glennon in the third round.

The Jaguars start the fourth round today, and there are still plenty of quarterbacks on the board. Only three are have been selected. Perhaps Jacksonville will finally select one like Barkley, who is surprisingly still available after three rounds. Or else it's on to Plan B, whatever that is.

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