J.J. Watt takes a picture with Yao Ming, and Watt looks like a middle schooler next to him

I saw Yao Ming up close in person one time, at the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas a few years back. And even among the NBA's best players, Shaq and Dwight Howard included, Yao was the only one who was so big you couldn't help but stop and stare as he walked by. He looks like he's riding on someone else's shoulders. It was amazing to see.

And if you want proof that Yao is not in proportion with a normal human being, he made the NFL's defensive player of the year look like he was a little kid bothering the former Houston Rockets star for an autograph in a restaurant.

If you saw J.J. Watt on the street, you'd probably do a double take even if you didn't immediately recognize him, just because he's such a large human being. He's 6-foot-5 and 295 pounds. By any reasonable standard, that's enormous.

Next to Yao, in a cool picture of two Houston sports icons, just look at how small a 6-5, 295-pound man looks.

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Yao, who is listed at 7-6, 310 pounds on his NBA.com profile page, is a full head taller than Watt (and what a head that is on Yao). Watt was already thinking of what Yao could do at the other defensive end spot for the Texans.

While NFL linemen are enormous individuals, it shouldn't be forgotten how freakishly large most NBA big men are, especially Yao. Watt is right: Imagine a NFL quarterback trying to throw over that guy on the line on scrimmage.

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