J.J. Watt says he picked up the Dolphins snap count from ‘Hard Knocks’

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

The Houston Texans easily beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. J.J. Watt had a sack and a half in the game. On NBC Network's Pro Football Talk, Watt admitted why he had such an advantage.

Watt said he picked up the Dolphins' snap count while watching the HBO show "Hard Knocks." He said the same thing could be picked up on preseason games, but the reality show following an NFL team throughout training camp helped.

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Though it's one of the most enjoyable shows on television, "Hard Knocks" is hardly the harbinger of a winning football season. Since the show debuted in 2001, only the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets have made the playoffs. No "Hard Knocks" team has won the Super Bowl since appearing on the show.

There are many things that factor in a team's success, so not everything hinges on what is shown on a television show. However, this admission by Watt shows how teams that appear on the show are giving up the factor of secrecy.

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