J.J. Watt lines up for a play at wide receiver, and did he really suffer a bad finger injury? (VIDEO)

Oh, the thoughts that must have gone through Bears cornerback Charles Tillman's head when he lined up on defense for a third down play and saw Houston defensive end J.J. Watt lined up wide across from him.

Watt is 6-5, 295 pounds. He came in for a third down and goal at the NFC's 6-yard line, ran a slant route and had the ball go through his hands. While this seemed like yet another example of why the Pro Bowl is a joke, maybe it isn't all that crazy. Before transferring to Wisconsin, Watt was a tight end at Central Michigan. He's one of the best athletes in the NFL, and he actually ran a pretty good route (like Tillman was going to impede his progress?). He just needs to work on the whole catching thing. Maybe a light bulb went on over Gary Kubiak's head seeing Watt out wide on offense.

Watt also showed off what looked like a really bad pinkie injury later in the first quarter, although, was that real?

He showed off the injury to sideline reporter Michele Tafoya during an interview, and @bustedcoverage got the screen cap:

Tafoya asked how he did it.

"I'm not sure, but I know one thing, you can't say we don't play hard in this game," Watt told Tafoya. "Hey commish, we're playing hard."

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Watt went into the game shortly after that, and it's hard to believe the Texans' franchise defensive player would do that if he was badly hurt. Also, he doesn't know how he mangled a pinkie finger? And the interview seemed too calm and collected for someone with blood gushing out of an appendage - and a great punchline for the criticism that players don't play hard in the Pro Bowl - so we're skeptical. But if anyone is going to play through a Pro Bowl with his finger busted wide open, it might be Watt.

UPDATE: Watt said he got stitches on Twitter after the game, which means that he played three quarters in an exhibition game after gashing his pinkie finger, so apparently that really did happen ... incredible.

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