A.J. Green makes another ridiculous catch

Before the season, Julio Jones was the hottest name among second-year receivers. That discounted that Cincinnati's A.J. Green was drafted higher than Jones last year, and had a better rookie season.

The question now isn't where Green ranks among second-year receivers, it's where he ranks among all NFL receivers.

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Green came into Sunday's game against Kansas City with 58 catches for 820 yards, and then got his 10th touchdown pass of the season in style. Green was covered well in the end zone, and the Chiefs shaded a safety over to double team him. But Green reached around cornerback Javier Arenas to snag a 4-yard, one-handed touchdown catch. He's the first player to 10 receiving touchdowns this season, and has a scoring catch in nine straight games.

Green's athletic ability, hands and size puts him on the same plane with any of the superstar receivers of the NFL, as he continues to prove every week.

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