This isn’t legal in the NFL, but it would be nice if it was

Shutdown Corner

I said I wouldn't celebrate when the lockout was over. I fibbed. Here's a small celebration in the form of a brilliant football catch. It's of the Australian Rules variety, but squint and pretend it's the NFL if you have to and watch Andrew Walker's incredible grab for the Carlton Football Club.

His coach was also blown away:

"That's the biggest mark I've ever seen," Carlton coach Brett Ratten said. "I said to him at half-time to stay on the ground a bit more because I thought he was flying at everything.

"He looked at me when he came off and said 'Is that OK?' - I said that's OK when you do that."

I hope the new CBA included a clause making it legal to put your knees on a defender's shoulders if it helps you make a catch.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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