Interviewer pranks NFL draft fans with fake prospect names (Video)

Look, at this point in the NFL draft preview coverage, we're all up to our eyeballs in speculation and prognostication, and we've lost sight of whether it's Keenan Allen or Allen Keenan or whether the Chiefs need a defensive tackle or an offensive tackle or whether it's Texas or Texas A&M that's spitting out quality receivers or whether the Falcons ought to trade up or trade down or ... you get the idea. To coin a phrase: nobody knows anything.

Which is where the folks at Football Nation come in. They decided to prey on a bunch of draft fans with a series of fake but (mostly) real-sounding names — Mike Hawke, the Ballhawk! — and, sure enough, nobody wants to admit they don't know who the heck the interviewer is talking about. Admitting ignorance is WEAK AND WE'RE AT THE NFL DRAFT, BRO!!!! (Video is perhaps NSFW because of some suggestive names.)

This is reminiscent of a similar bit on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this week in which would-be hipsters at Coachella acted as if they knew the names of completely fictitious bands. The lesson here is obvious, folks: if you don't know what you're talking about, keep your mouth shut. Or get yourself a job as a draft analyst, whichever.

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