Indy takes the lead in the race for Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins had been running neck-and-neck in the competition for the right to draft Andrew Luck. On Sunday against the Falcons, though, the Colts turned in a performance that said, "We want Andrew Luck more than anyone else." Miami did not appear to have the same commitment.

It was Curtis Painter, the man who stands to be replaced on the roster by Luck, who showed to greatest commitment to making Luck a Colt. The Painter went 13-of-27 for just 98 yards in a performance that you could call horrific, but I'm choosing to call admirably unselfish. They were never in the game against the Falcons.

Miami had been making noise about not wanting to be in the Luck sweepstakes, and had actually been showing signs of pride and ability in recent narrow losses. Today, that sentiment exploded all over the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-3 face-stomping that finally put the Fish in the win column. Matt Moore had a career day with 17 completions on 23 attempts for 244 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, and yes, Karlos Dansby all balled for the Dolphins.

For the first time, a clear leader in the race for Luck has emerged. These other teams have some work to not do if they cant to catch the Colts.