Indianapolis Colts’ postseason hopes are gone, so is Andrew Luck’s beard

Anwar S Richardson

Nothing lasts forever. Andrew Luck’s beard is a great example.

The Colts quarterback shed his boyish looks and grew a beard this season. Luck’s beard did not rival James Harden’s, but it was enough to make Zach Galifianakis proud.

Not anymore.

Luck spoke with reporters on Monday, and even though he talked about how this year’s success could help his his team during the 2014 season, the lack of facial hair was hard to overlook.

If there is anything good about Luck’s decision to shave the beard, none of us will have to worry about seeing him froth at the mouth anytime soon. There is nothing wrong with watching an athlete play with passion, but few spectators would like to see him spit everywhere during the heat of battle.

Well, there is always next season.

That applies to the Colts and Luck’s beard.

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