What I'd like to see from HBO's 'Hard Knocks' with the Bengals

HBO and NFL Films announced yesterday that the Bengals would be the subject of the next edition of "Hard Knocks," the annual documentary series that probes the inner workings of an NFL team.

In one sense, the Bengals are an odd choice, because, well, they're not very good, and not many people will be projecting them as a playoff team. But in other ways, they're absolutely ideal, because there are so many things I'd like to know about this team. If we get answers to half of the following questions, it should be a dynamite series.

• Will Chad Ochocinco (more on him in a bit, by the way) come off as well as Terrell Owens(notes) did last year on "Hard Knocks"? Owens, who a lot of people thought (and still think) of as a total jerkweed, seemed like a fantastic guy on "Hard Knocks" last year. He was a respected leader and teacher among the younger wide receivers, and a hard worker in practice. It really helped his image. You know, for a couple weeks, until he went back to being insane.

So I'm curious about the version of Ochocinco that we'll see. I'm sure he'll be well aware that there are cameras around, so we might not see the real Ochocinco, but I'm curious as to what we will see.

• Will we actually get to witness Chris Henry committing a crime? What are the chances on that? 2-to-1? 5-to-2?

• How much respect do the team's veterans have for Marvin Lewis? The Bengals are a team that's seemed on the brink of chaos at a few points over the last couple of seasons, and their place in the standings has never been commensurate with the high level of talent they possess. It hasn't always seemed like Marvin Lewis has been in complete control. Maybe I'm wrong about that, though, and Marvin runs a tight ship. Perhaps we'll see.

• How involved is owner Mike Brown(notes)? Exactly how disastrous is his participation in any franchise decision-making process?

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