Hysterical Pats Fan Cries Over ‘Stupid’ Team

We know from the hit Hootie & the Blowfish song "Only Wanna to be With You" that the Miami Dolphins make lead singer Darius Rucker cry. And several months ago a mother taped her son crying after a Jets loss. After the Super Bowl, we can now finally add Tom Brady to that list.

A stunned — and sobbing — New England Patriots fan was videotaped by whom we now presume to be her ex-boyfriend in the moments after her team's Super Bowl loss to the Giants. The fan, in her Tom Brady jersey, begins her sniffling tirade against the "stupid" Patriots in classic fashion as she realizes that the team "will never play together again."

The presumed boyfriend can only respond ever so cleverly with "I'm sorry baby." Then he continues to videotape.

"If we get there again they're going to beat us again because we're so bad at the Super Bowl and I don't know why because we're so good at every other game," the crying Brady fan said.

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Much of the audio is inaudible due to her sniveling into her sleeve - the hysterical ranting of a fan who probably doesn't know that the Patriots forever owe Mo Lewis for becoming a dynasty. But at one point as she lamented there not being any fellow New England fans around for her to commiserate with, the statement "I feel like an idiot" was clearly heard. Whew, at least we're not the only ones who feel that way.

The scathing analysis, perhaps just a notch below that which is offered on Showtime's "Inside the NFL," continued at the 1:33 mark.

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"Yeah I know, I saw what happened. Everyone was just playing so stupid and they gave us a chance to win all the time and Tom Brady was just so stupid," she said, getting more hysterical.

Then a moment of lucidity as she realizes that what surely must be classified as an overreaction was making her look, well, she put it best before, "stupid."

"Now my makeup all over my face and I look like a friggin' McGoon," she said.

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Perhaps we are blessed that eventually the cameraman says "OK" and turns off the camera because we just can't turn away. Then to quote Hootie once again, if we were him we'd just "Let Her Cry."

You may now continue with your life.

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