Hundreds of Super Bowl ticket holders stiffed after seating snafu

Four hundred fans who paid $900 for tickets to Super Bowl XLV didn't have a seat at the game.

Due to "incomplete installation" of temporary seating at Cowboys Stadium, 400 fans were forced to the outdoor party plaza to watch the game. The seats were to be in the top section of the stadium behind the west end zone. As many as 800 other fans had their seats moved because of another section because of another seating snafu. Those who were left out in the cold were understandably unhappy:

According to reports, a fire marshall hadn't approved the temporary seating. Affected fans arrived at the game and were handed a letter informing them that they'd no longer have a seat for the Super Bowl.

Fans were given a refund equal to three times the face value of the ticket. For those who bought tickets for an infalted value on the secondary market and paid more for plane tickets and hotel accomodations, that may be a small consolation.

It's another black eye for Dallas during its first time hosting a Super Bowl. Ice storms paralyzed the city earlier in the week, canceling flights and hindering travel. On Friday, a chunk of ice fell off the roof of the stadium and injured six. Because of that, four of the stadium's 10 entrances were closed on Super Bowl Sunday, causing waits of up to three hours to get in the stadium.

Jerry Jones and the NFL were so concerned about stuffing the most fans possible into Cowboys Stadium in order to maximize profit and set a Super Bowl attendance record, but evidently failed to consider the logistics of seating all those people.

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