Howard Eskin: If 49ers beat Eagles, I’ll bike to San Francisco

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Howard Eskin is a very non-bashful sports media personality in Philadelphia, and he believed very strongly in the Eagles' ability to beat the 49ers on Sunday. He expressed this confidence by telling KNBR in San Francisco that if the 49ers did beat the Eagles, he'd ride a bike from Philly to San Francisco.

And you know by now that, despite trailing 20-3 at the half, the 49ers rallied to a shocking comeback victory over the Eagles.

So Eskin, 60, provided that he doesn't back out, has a nice little bike ride ahead of him. Call it the Tour de Dream Team.

You can listen to Eskin's vow here. The relevant portion starts at about the 10:30 mark. If you can't listen, here's the transcript of the guarantee:

Eskin: "I will tell you right now, there is no chance the 49ers win. Zero. This is a stone cold mortal lock."

San Francisco Radio Guys: "What will you do if the Niners beat the Eagles? Would you walk from Philly to San Francisco? We gotta come up with something for you to do, Howard."

Eskin:"I'll take a bike. I'll take a bike from Philadelphia to San Francisco."

San Francisco Radio Guys:"If the Niners beat the Eagles."

Eskin:"Yes, if the Niners beat the Eagles."

San Francisco Radio Guys:"You're that confident?"

Eskin:"Yes. There's no way the Eagles go 1-3. None. Absolutely none."

We haven't heard anything about Eskin's plans since the Eagles collapsed, but I don't think there's any shame in it if the guy backs out. He's 60 years old and has a job as a sideline reporter on Eagles broadcasts. He doesn't need this. Make a donation to charity, send a fruit basket to San Francisco and call it a day. We'll let it slide.

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If he does go through with it, Ronnie Brown should have to pedal for at least half the trip.

Updates are forthcoming if Eskin addresses it.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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