How many times did Peyton Manning shout 'Omaha' on Sunday?

Peyton Manning sure loves the word "Omaha." So much so that he used it on dozens of plays in Sunday's win against the Chargers. Check the video above for proof, and see if you can guess how many times Manning said "Omaha." See below for the answer!

While you're counting, ponder this: what the heck does "Omaha" mean? To hear former players Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss tell it, "Omaha" is a key word that means "opposite," i.e. flip the play. If that's the case, Manning is flipping an awful lot of plays, which would seem to be rather counterproductive. After all, the whole idea of an audible at the line is to be a secret, not something that's public knowledge. For that reason, then, it may mean absolutely nothing at all:

Regardless, Omaha is now a fully-formed part of the football lexicon. "Omaha" trended on Twitter, and even the city of Omaha itself got in on the act:

Omaha Steaks may have won the day with its tweet:

So there you go. Omaha rules. (Our count: 44 Omahas. What did you get?)


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