Heroic Charles Woodson shuts down a house fire

OK, so maybe he didn't completely shut it down — the fire did manage to reduce a gigantic house to a pile of dirty ashes — but Packers cornerback Charles Woodson(notes) did help to ensure that the only damage done was to property, not people.

A fellow named Rick Ruiz, Woodson's wine-making partner, is calling Woodson a hero after he helped him escape a house fire over the weekend. From a report at Cheesehead TV:

“He’s a hero if you think about it,” said Rick Ruiz, director of operations for TwentyFour wine. “He actually woke me up, told me to get up.”


“I kind of just laid down, and Charles and I were just kind of hanging out there chatting about trying to figure out where that smell was coming from,” said Ruiz. “It wasn’t heavy at all in the beginning. It was just very light. I dozed off for a minute and Charles woke me up saying, ‘We gotta go. There’s a fire here.’”

Woodson and Ruiz were up late watching a Charles Woodson highlight tape from 1997, when he won the Heisman.

They were staying at the house because they'd attended a fundraiser earlier that evening, benefiting the University of Michigan Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital. Also, according to the Cheesehead TV report, $10 from every bottle of "TwentyFour" wine that Charles Woodson sells goes to benefit a children's hospital.

So yeah, I've got no problem applying the "hero" label to Woodson. The man builds hospitals, sells wine, raises money, shuts down opposing receivers and saves dudes named Rick from house fires. All that's missing is the cape.

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