Herm Edwards gets evangelical at the Rookie Symposium

Former New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards has long been great at speechifying — you may remember his "You PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!!" outburst after a loss where his Jets team … well … didn't.

In any case, Herm's now an outstanding analyst, and he's always good for some inspirational talk and a few well-turned phrases. But he really went all out at last week's NFLPA-sponsored "Business of Football" Rookie Symposium when he spoke to this year's rookie class.

"Concentrate on that old logo right there, that old shield," he said. "When you guys were little, you probably thought 'One day maybe I will have an opportunity to play in the National Football League.' That's going to happen."

He also exhorted the rookies to avoid using the lockout as an excuse for poor performance. "You're going to go to training camp.  If you're not ready to go physically — that's on you.  Nobody wants to know that 'We missed 20 practices because we didn't go to OTAs.'  We don't care." 

Here's Herm, in three parts:


There's only one way to describe that presentation: EPIC. I dunno about you, but I'm ready to go beat up a blocking sled.

(Thanks to Mike Donnelly at the NFLPA for pointing these videos in our direction).