Here's the receipt for the Philadelphia Eagles' $17,000 'rookie dinner'

<span>Good Morning America/Empire Steak House</span>


Good Morning America/Empire Steak House

Not sure about you, but I've never been a part of a dinner that cost more than $17,000. Then again, I've never been an NFL rookie.

Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson posted a receipt from Del Frisco's steak house in Philadelphia with the caption "Rookie dinner." The cost? $17,747.

NFL veterans having an expensive dinner on the rookies' tab is nothing new (ask Dez Bryant, who wonders how these rookies got off so cheap), although the league probably isn't so keen on it anymore in the wake of the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal. But often veterans make sure that the rookies don't really pay that entire tab, and there isn't much context to the Johnson tweet and photo so who knows if the rookies paid, if the veterans paid, if Johnson just went out and pounded down $17,747 of filet mignon himself and thought it would be funny to tweet it like it was a rookie dinner. What is interesting is how the heck a group can ring up the price of a Honda Civic in one restaurant sitting.

The answer is wine and Remy Martin, basically. It's not easy to read the entire receipt, but there are multiple four-figure rounds of the expensive Remy Martin brandy, including a round of five two-ounce Remy Martin Louis XIII's for $1,375, so about $275 a drink. There was also a late addition of a bottle of expensive Screaming Eagle wine that ran the group over $2,000. There's also a lot of side dishes including creamed corn and onion rings, a lot of chocolate souffle and cheesecake and of course, expensive steaks. There were also four Bud Lights and two Coors Lights on the tab, which means that some of the deep-pocketed Eagles need to find a better taste in beer.

Hey, the Eagles players can afford it, and judging by the receipt it looks like they had a fantastic time. The only people happier than them was the wait staff that tended to their ridiculous shopping spree.

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