With help from a police escort, Giants get their hometown pizza in Indianapolis

Super Bowl week is not the week to be breaking traditions. That's why the Giants ordered pizza from Umberto's this week, just as they always do. And Umberto's, bless its heart, extended its delivery area by just a smidge ‒ out to Indianapolis.

Thursday morning, Gaetano Corteo, manager of Umberto's, had a police escort to La Guardia airport in Queens. Special arrangements had been made at the airport to get the pizzas, in heat-retaining bags, through security quickly. The flight from La Guardia to Indianapolis is only two hours and 20 minutes non-stop, so the pizza was there for lunchtime.

The Giants have been ordering from Umberto's for years. According to the New York Post, the Friday ritual started with Michael Strahan four years ago, and David Diehl and Justin Tuck are among those continuing the tradition.

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Oh, and in case you're worried about such things, the police escort didn't come at taxpayer expense, either. Nassau Sheriff Michael Sposato donated his car, according to CBS New York, and a couple of retired officers accompanied them on motorcycle.

In other Super Bowl pizza-related news, TMZ reports that Madonna ‒ who they call "Madge" for some reason ‒ bought 50 pizzas Thursday night for her entourage. She went with a local Papa John's, though, unlike those diva Giants.

Neil O'Donnell approves.

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