I hear Tom Brady's sister's going out with SQUEAK!

A New York radio station is evidently feeling a little desperate about the Giants Super Bowl chances, as they've come up with this little attempt to "psyche [Tom] Brady out." They want you to print out and wear these Bridget Moynahan masks (.pdf) to the Super Bowl in Arizona

It might seem crazy right now, but you know, I could see this working. You'll be at the game, sitting near the sidelines, and you'll hold your Moynahan mask up over your face ... Tom Brady will see it, confuse you with Moynahan, and then leave the game to engage you in a long debate about visitation rights and child support payments. Before you know it, Tom's agreed to take his kid to the zoo every other weekend, and Matt Cassel's thrown 4 interceptions.

Brady will probably fall for this dozens of times through the course of the game before he realizes that these are just normal fans in paper masks, and that he's been had by the madcap geniuses at Q104.3. Yeah ... you know what? This is just crazy enough to work. It's possibly one of the all-time great Psyche-Outs (naughty language alert).

Either that, or Brady will take one look at your masks, think about it for about a quarter of a second, remember that he's going home to Gisele Bundchen, and then continue carving up the Giants secondary like they were a Christmas ham. One of the two.

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