James Harrison thinks Browns officials should be suspended too

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

James Harrison likes to think he has a good point. As usual, he doesn't.

Upon his return from a one-game suspension for an illegal hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker rhetorically wondered why the Browns officials who let McCoy back in the game weren't punished for their actions.

"If he was hurt so bad I don't know why they let him back in two plays later," Harrison asked reporters. "Something should be done to them, I would think. I don't know. I got a game, what should they get?"

It was later revealed that McCoy had concussion-like symptoms and played anyway. The Browns' defense was that nobody on the sideline saw the hit. Harrison didn't buy their excuse.

To Harrison, the blame lies with the caretakers, not with the guy who gave them someone to take care of. These hits are never his fault, there's always someone else to put at fault.

For what it's worth, the NFL did react to the McCoy situation. An independent certified trainer will be placed in a press box for each game, because that will totally solve the problem of players taking the field with head injuries.

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