Happy Irrelevant Week, everybody!

Shutdown Corner

Monday kicks off Irrelevant Week in Newport Beach, California, and if Chandler Harnish is like most other Mr. Irrelevants in NFL Draft history, it could end up being the highlight of his career. Hopefully not, but the numbers aren't in his favor.

Mr. Irrelevant is, of course, the semi-pejorative title awarded to the last player selected in each year's NFL Draft. The community of Newport Beach celebrates Mr. Irrelevant with a week-long festival, including gifts and celebrations and ceremonies for the honoree.

Among the celebrations are a beach party, a pancake breakfast, a golf tournament, a boat parade, a barbecue and the Lowsman Trophy presentation. Harnish will be a guest-bartender at a couple of parties. The gifts will include a gold watch (since we likely won't get to retire from the NFL) and a trip to Disneyland (since he's not likely to ever be the guy "going to Disneyland" after winning a Super Bowl).

Oh, and they also expect to raise about $50,000 for charities, including the R.M. Pyles Camp for underprivileged children, the student athletes at the Goodwill Fitness Center, and cancer patients through the Radio Isotope Therapy of America (RITA) Foundation.

Unless you're a Newport Beach resident, or Chandler Harnish, you probably don't celebrate Irrelevant Week. There's no reason you can't, though. The motto of the week is "Doing something nice for someone for no reason." You can do that. Do something nice for a random person, then look at them and say, "Chandler Harnish wouldn't wanted it that way." Then just walk away and leave them confused as hell.

If you're in the area and you'd like to participate, or you'd just like to donate to any of the worthy causes they're helping, you can get more information at irrelevantweek.com.

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