Happy Father’s Day! Eli Manning remembers his dad’s use of boxing gloves as a conflict resolution technique

When you've got three sons, you're going to have some activity in your house, and not all of it will be positive. That's what former NFL quarterback Archie Manning had to deal with -- his three sons Peyton, Eli, and Cooper were fairly active as kids. You may have seen the athletic exploits of two of Mr. Manning's sons once or twice along the way. But when the young Mannings were growing up, and there were only dreams of becoming the NFL's First Family, there were times when the boys got a bit too rambunctious. Eli, who's now a dad himself, remembered Archie's favorite conflict resolution technique in a spot for Dick's Sporting Goods.

"Any time you've got three boys in a household, an argument's going to break out. My dad would say, 'Alright, you two, put the gloves on -- we're going to box. And before you go, you've got to punch this bag for three minutes straight. So, your arms are just dead, and you're throwing shoulders at each other. You're on the floor laughing, and problem solved. You're back to having a good day. Now, when I see boxing gloves, I make sure dad's got some boxing gloves to solve issues with the grandchildren."

We imagine it looked a lot like this.

Now, of course, Eli appreciates everything his dad did for him, and tries to give back whenever possible.

"The greatest gift I could give my dad is time spent together," he concluded in the spot.

Plus, apparently, every Eli Manning replica jersey in the store.

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